Story Teller Effects Group has expanded to ATLANTA, GA
Find all your FX needs  
for motion pictures and theatrical venues through STFXG Atlanta
205 Industrial Way
Fayettville, GA 30215

STFXG ATLANTA provides you with quality equipment for all your Special Effects needs including equipment, expendables and full shop capabilities for design and fabrication.


Production companies in state and out of state:

Look no further for FX needs as STFXG ATLANTA provides a turn key operation housing a complete metal shop, car lift and office accommodations. Zero man days for set-up and tear down


all the FX gear you need is already here!

*Wind Machines *Ritters *E Fans 

*Hazers *Rain *Fire Equipment 

*Foggers *Look Fog Machines *Fog Fluids

*Snow Machines and Supplies *Snow Tanks *Trakmat *Pumps *Boilers *Mortars *Turntables

*Rigging Tools *Flying Track and Arbors

     Authorized dealers and suppliers for:

    Look, CITC, LeMaitre and Ultratec

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      205 Industrial Way
      Fayettville, GA 30215
      Phone: 504.832.9800


      Cash, Check and POs are accepted. 
      Credit Cards accepted for expendable purchases ONLY

      Get Directions To:
      205 Industrial Way
      Fayetteville Georgia 30215